Saturday, June 21, 2014

Island Breezes Soap

Island Dreams
I joined Amy Warden from for a soap challenge.  I made several attempts at a secret feather swirl with limited sucess( in my own opinion).  After three attempts at a feather swirl I descided to go with a hanger swirl for my entry.

Top view before cutting
I had this soap in the plans for a summer soap and just had not gotten around to making it yet.  I used a coconut and peach fragrance oil to scent it.  The idea for this soap was a soap that would be reminicent of and island vacation.  This was also the inspiration for the embeds on top of the soap (althought these were not included in the challenge).

While this soap is scented with fragrance oils it is all naturally colored.  The colors in the body of the soap come from comfrey, madder, alkanet, dock, indigo & zinc oxide.  The embeds are colored with zinc oxide, indigo, annatto, and micas.  I love the flow of natural colors in cold process soap.

The ones that didn't measure up
This soap wnet together much more easily than the feather swirls I tried.  For this soap I let the soap get to a little thicker trace than you can use for a feather swirl and I was able to spoon the layers of soap into the mold.  After getting all of the soap in the mold I used my hanger to go up and down about four times and then back and forth about 7 through the heigth of the mold.  I love the swirls, but I think the next time I make this soap I may lighten up the indogo and alkanet with a little zinc oxide just to keep the tone a little lighter.  I must say that the indigo does look a little like the ocean to me though.

Enjoy and I will add the link for you to see all of the other beautiful soaps as soon as I get it.  I hope that this will allow you to see all of the beautiful soaps that were entered.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Short Hiatus

I will be taking a couple of weeks off blogging.  I am super, super busy for the next several weeks.  As a means of cutting back on stress this is one of the things that I can cut.  However look out when I come back as I am sure I will have lots of new things to share.

Thank you for your understanding.